How to Write a Loan Modification Hardship Letter That Gets Results

Modifying your loan is the way to avoid foreclosure, particularly if you cannot refinance. The loan modification hardship letter tells your lender what they need to know, and is a basic step toward solving your financial woes. Many loan modification requests are denied merely due to a loan modification hardship letter that was poorly written.

Your hardship letter should describe your financial dilemma to your lending institution, explain the reason you need a loan modification, and show them that this is the help you need to keep repaying their loan. The lender must see that you are determined to keep your home, and that this take top priority in your financial affairs.

Yes, your lender needs to know your story, but you must stick to the basic facts. Be brief and to the point. Sincerity makes for a more winning appeal than complaining or tear-jerking. Be honest, underscore how important it is to you to keep your home, and justify loan modification as the path to repayment of the loan. Your lender must believe that you will not default again if they modify your loan.

Due to the current economic crisis, lenders’ phones are ringing off the hook with tales of woe, and you do not want your plea to be overlooked. Your letter should be a few pages at most, preferably shorter. Take a positive, can-do attitude in your letter, and present them with your plan of action to get your finances under control again. The underlying message needs to communicate to your lender that you are responsible, diligent, and merely going through a rough patch. Their serious attention to your request is the second chance you need.

There are two main ways to get the support you need before you approach your lender. Find a trustworthy financial advisor with a proven track record of helping homeowners like you, one who can help you state your particular case. Also, look for online templates that show effective hardship letters. These sample documents will show you how your letter should look in order to get the loan modification you need.